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The creative energy behind these writings and other forms of creative expression belong to vital, teeming Texas expatriate, Jacqueline Noguera. Brilliantly gifted at school, she was a child by the age of five where she won a place at the prestigious St. Teresa's Academy where she holds a Masters in Applied Paranoia.


While at the University of Michigan she began her use of such words as volatile, dominant, highly energized, svelte, acerbic and coruscating with boundless uncertainty and frighteningly clean diction. Not merely content with mastering the spelling of “cornflakes”, she threw away a promising academic career designing weapons systems under the guise of a philanthropic career at NASA on the advice of her teachers and now devotes her life to the entertainment industry. “I prefer it to life” she confides, her glassy eyes flashing dully. So much so that she has been shooting a film of her own life for the last seventeen years. “When I have time to edit,” she claims, “it should be a dynamic cigarette commercial ala film noir.”


Ms. Noguera maintains a residence at an undisclosed location in Chile for the purposes of avoiding the Student Loan Corporation. Jacqueline is a Sagittarius and subjects herself to medical experiments in her spare time.  She is unmarried, does not own a cat and has no children that she is aware of.



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