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This is the PROJECT page.  These projects are a combination of limited projects and/or pro bono work with organizations and private entities that I do during my personal time.

Company-wide systems integration and CRM system update

February 2018 to November 2019

Blue Shield of California Foundation


Project Objective:

  • The objective of this project was to integrate multiple business systems together via API and update the CRM system to its improved version. The outcome expected from this project was to streamline multiple business processes, improve day-to-day coordination among teams, reduce lead times and provide an improved and more user-friendly version of the Salesforce CRM software

My role on the Project:

Project Manager

My Responsibilities:

  • Studied the feasibility of the proposed solution and developed a business case.

  • Developed project charter, project management and risk plan, id'd stakeholders and team for the project

  • Contracted project vendors for the API portion and managed their entire lifecycle.

  • Conducted agile ceremonies such as iteration planning, daily stand-ups, reviews, and retrospectives.

  • Conducted knowledge transfer sessions and training for staff.

  • Provided recommendations on the next phase of project implementation.

Project deliverables:

The deliverables of this project included the planning and design of an integration solution for connecting different business systems, a successfully updated CRM system, and user guides and live training on how to use the system effectively.

SunGrown Packaging Expo Tour 2016 - Expo production, execution, and CRM implementation

January 2016-December 2016

Everett Graphics: SunGrown Packaging


Project Objective:

  • The objective of this project was to prepare and execute a large exhibition tour for SunGrown packaging across multiple cities across the United States and simultaneously implement a new CRM system for the company.

  • The outcome expected from this project was to create better awareness of the company’s products, increase sales and systematically maintain customer information.

My role on the Project:

  • Project Manager

My Responsibilities:

  • Developed a project business case and a project charter including benefits and benefits management plan, project phases and life cycle approach

  • Created a project management plan, scope, deliverables, phases, budget, schedules, risk, change and communication management.

  • Managed multiple 3rd party vendors in the execution of expo production, and implementation of new Salesforce CRM

  • Managed travel and accommodations for production team during expo travel days

  • Ensured Project execution is according to the agreed plan.

  • Created manuals, instruction sessions and workflows to facilitate internal team's and external stakeholders' adoption of the new CRM system.

Project deliverables:

The deliverables of this project included the planning and execution of the expo, a successfully implemented CRM system, a database of approved vendors and policy and procedure manuals.


  • Within one production year, initiated new CRM system with a 23% increase in the database and sales and the launch of permanent yearly Expo production procedures and assets for SunGrown Packaging

Classrooms to Careers - Mayor's Summer Job Program

Jan 2015 - Dec 2015

City of Oakland: Economic Workforce Development


Project Objective:

  • The objective of this project was to design a robust city-wide job program for at-risk youth.

  • The outcome expected from this project was to create job opportunities for youth in the city, to enable them to use their time productively and provide them with valuable work experience that can help them develop skills and competencies.

My role on the Project:

  • Program Manager

My Responsibilities:

  • Developed a project charter and defined the scope, expectations and criteria.

  • Managed stakeholders, project issues, changes and risks.

  • Enabled collaboration amongst the project team and stakeholders.

  • Deployed various project deliverables.

Project deliverables:

  • The deliverables of this project were the creation of the job youth program, which included a policies and procedures manual, an event production best practices guide, a participant database and supporting vendors, a youth career expo and other related public relation events.


  • This program exceeded expectations and provided job opportunities for over 2500 participants

Fellowship – Press & Digital Lead – Communications


Oakland, CA 1/27/14 to Present


  • Developing, implementing and the documentation of all external messaging including a robust communications plan that includes online activities e.g. blogging, and other social media copy for events and press

  • Collaborate with the Chapter Lead and State Leadership to develop communications strategies that will broaden programmatic reach and deepen impact in the East Bay community


Event Organizer - Production and logistics for the 13th Annual Online Dispute Resolution Conference at UC Hastings & Stanford University (

The Online Dispute Resolution Conference 2014 presented by IBO-The Internet Bar Organization

San Francisco/Palo Alto 4/14-7/14


  • Project leader and management of all special projects including infrastructure and Board Development in partnership with the Executive Director 

  • Financial and Managerial administration for the conference

  • Marketing and bookings for catering, accommodation transport and excursions

  • Corporate Sponsorship Writer/CRM with variety of industry vendors, caterers and other providers for organizational service

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